I. That Goldfish Myth

No matter common conceptions

we aim to make their lives

poor captives

difficult to see for its difference
bubbled breath - humming, disturbing the water

in its ticklish desperate way.

II. A Collection of Things as They Seemed

All assembled, a distinctive dossier of us

written with light as if light
could penetrate stone

transform pets and party dresses
into things fixed -
remembered and revered as Tablets of Law

then later,
bloody historians revise.

III. Rearranging the Furniture

When you take the S.N.C.F
from Lourdes to Bordeaux
the carriages cleave apart like magnets

suddenly repelled

for divergence of direction on

a sick tilt


IIII. Past continuous

A mood most skilled in

acrobatics - requires tension -

slacklines suspended
above and
the plot

of each tale and


Come curtain call

ovation, continuous

Eleni James is a writer living in Melbourne. Her work explores interior geographies and the construction of personal mythologies.